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Benefits of Stretching

Do you forget to add stretching into your workout routines? Is it because you despise it or you just don't have the time? Maybe you just want to get your workout done without stretching? If so, trust me I completely understand. But when I found out the benefits, I started to stretch more. It made me feel so much more relaxed, gave me more flexibility, and so much more. Here are some of the benefits. I hope at least one of them will get you to start stretching!

Helps with Stress

When we are stressed our heart races and we tighten up. Stretching helps with this by relaxing our tight muscles, slowing down our heart rate, and helps our mind stay focused. When you stretch you get time to breathe and get time to yourself. You will become calmer and notice your surroundings more.


Stretching every day or a few times a week can increase your flexibility. This helps keep the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Doing this will increase your range of motion. It will allow you to get deeper into a squat, and not compensate during any exercise. If you don’t stretch, your muscles will become shorter and tighter. They will become weak and unable to extend. When this happens you are not having a full range of motion.


We all want that perfect posture. It’s hard, especially when you sit at a desk all day. This is why stretching is so important. I recommend you do some sit down stretches and walk as much as possible.

Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, wake up stiff, or just move the wrong way, try stretching. I recommend stretching your lower back and upper back. Maybe even a full body stretch. You might even want to think about working out your core. Most times when people tend to have back problems, it comes from a weak core.

Sleep Better

Sleep is so important for our physical and mental health. The more sleep we get the more energized and focused we are. Think of stretching like yoga or meditation. It calms you and your brain down. Try stretching before you go to sleep as a wind down routine.

Helps prevent Injury

I always have my clients do some stretching before they start their workout. Why? I do this because you want to slowly get your heart rate up. This way, your body knows you’re about to get into a more intense workout. If you don’t stretch you can get injured. due to muscle imbalances. When muscle imbalances exist, this leads us to have poor posture and improper form, which can increase the risk of injuries!

Improves your strength

Stretching helps you become more flexible, which leads to better range of motion. This is important for strength training. If you're lifting weights and you can’t get a full range of motion, then you need to start stretching. Therefore, better flexibility will make you stronger.

Now that you know the benefits of stretching I hope you will start adding some stretching into your routine. Start slow 5-7 minutes before a workout and after. You can even have just a stretching day. You will feel so much more relaxed, stress free, and even stronger once you start doing this. Just give it a try!

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