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Keep Exercise Fun and Beat Workout Boredom

If you get tired of your workouts you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Sometimes no matter how much you try to mix up your exercise routine, you still get bored of it. You know what happens then. You start skipping your workouts because you’d rather be doing anything but them!

We are now two years into the pandemic. If you’re struggling with motivation, sleepless nights, anxiety, and food cravings that’s completely understandable. We all had to deal with ongoing challenges with lockdowns, being apart from family and friends, working from home, or even getting laid off. Everyday felt like it was the same day over and over again! I’m sure your workouts felt like that too. The key is knowing what to do about it.

Exercise should be a way to honor and celebrate your body, something that leaves you feeling energized and alive. If it becomes something you dread switch it up!

Switch Up Your Environment

Switch it up. If you usually workout inside take it outside. It’s not just the workouts you do, it’s also the setting. If you workout at a gym try out some new machines. If you workout at home instead of doing cardio lift weights, or even yoga. Don’t get in a rut!

Think Like You’re a Kid Again

When you were younger being active was fun. It’s time to think back. What did you like to do? Did you like to jump rope, hula hoop, roller blade, hop scotch, or swim? There are so many ways to incorporate one of these into your workout routine.

Try Something New

Do you usually do cardio almost every day? Why don’t you try weight lifting or using resistance bands? Do you usually sit down at your lunch break? Take a walk or run. You get it. Try new ways to be as active as you can.

Set A New Goal

Is your goal not as challenging anymore? Is doing 10 pullups too easy now? Set your goal to doing more pullups. Maybe something completely different. Do you want to run a 5k? If so. hop on that treadmill and start training for that. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner again. Get out of your comfort zone and do this!

Get a Workout Partner

For some people this really works. Having a workout partner can help you become more motivated and accountable.

Switch Up Your Playlist

A good playlist gets most of us motivated and energized. Spend time making a playlist with music you love. Make it up beat and try to match it to the beat of your workouts.

Last BUT NOT LEAST! NEAT! (NON-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

NEAT is the way you move throughout the day when you aren’t working out. Think of what everyday movements you are doing that you enjoy. Incorporate them into your workouts. Maybe it’s walking, running, taking the stairs etc.

Remember if your workout is completely boring to you, it’s not sustainable and not for you!

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