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Working Out While Traveling

We all love traveling right? Traveling is so much fun in the summer, going on our favorite vacation getaway. In the winter around the holidays, getting away from the cold weather. It’s something we almost all do and enjoy. The one problem is we don’t want to lose our progress and might not have access to a gym. We want to continue working hard to reach our goals but not drag heavy dumbbells around in our suitcase!

Here’s a few items I bring to travel with when I don’t have access to a gym or just don’t want to drive to a gym on vacation.

  1. Resistance Bands

I love resistance bands because they are super light to travel with and you can just throw them in a little bag. You can bring a variety of them for different resistance. These are also very affordable and are color coded so you know what resistance they are. Bands are very effective since they allow you to do functional training unlike the machines at the gym.

2. Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are one of my favorite things to travel with. The only downside is they add a little extra weight to your bag. I promise it’s worth it though! Especially if you love HIIT and it’s very hot out or you are like me and just can’t do HIIT in the morning. All you need to do is LISS and add ankle weights, you’ll even burn more calories! These are also great for ab workouts and any leg workout. You can even try wrapping them around your wrists to get a good arm workout. Who needs dumbbells on vacation?

3. Jump Rope

Another cheap, affordable and lightweight modality. I love jumping rope in the nice weather. I love to jump rope because it adds cardio or HIIT intervals in between your strength training. You get to help make your body fat percentage lower while traveling with jump roping.

4. Body Weight

All you need is yourself! Bodyweight workouts can be just as effective as anything else. You can do functional training with your own body which is great and effective. You can strength train and add your own HIIT intervals. Be creative and use items around your hotel or wherever you're staying. For example, you can use a bench for push ups, chair for step ups, your suitcase or water bottles for weights. Don’t forget if you didn’t bring a mat, use a towel!

Remember don't let anything stop you from traveling. You can enjoy your destination and still work hard to reach your goals!

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